• Light-emitting diodes (LEDs).

    Light-emitting diodes (LEDs) are semiconductor devices that generate narrow-spectrum light. An electric current is passed through the microchip present in the LED to illuminate the device and produce visible light. LED lights are directional light sources that offer high brightness and intensity ...
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  • The Primary Advantages of SILVER OPTICS 99

    Glass Optical Silver Coated Reflectors SILVER OPTICS 99  — KINGS OF GLASS REFLECTORS In short: 1. Silver Coatings Ultra-High Reflectivity 99% – Maximum Light Efficiency, up to 15%~25% more grow light. 2. Wider Reflection Range – Better Spectral Reflectance. 3. Top Optical Design...
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  • Optimizing Your Plants’ Potential with GrowBetter Silver Inside Glass Reflector.

    GROWBETTER 1000W DE REFLECTOR Optimizing Your Plants’ Potential with GrowBetter Silver Inside Glass Reflector. By using a silver inside glass reflector, you can get a significant amount of extra light to your plants without using any more electricity, resulting in faster growth and bigger ...
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  • Three development stages of greenhouse control technology experience

    RikoLite Slim Bar 320W 630W Full Spectrum Greenhouse Plant Lights A greenhouse is a place that can change the growth environment of plants, create the best conditions for plant growth, and avoid the impact of seasonal changes in the outside world and adverse weather. It uses daylighting coverin...
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  • Types of OEM labels for your LED lighting products

    1. Adhesive Labels Your first option is to brand your desired grow lights products with adhesive labels. These are easily manufactured with your company logo exactly the way you present it, and holds no quantity requirement, meaning we will take care of your adhesive labels for any number of prod...
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  • Conversion – PPFD to Lux

    NOTE: The conversion from PPFD (µmol m-2 s-1) to Lux varies under different light sources. For a complete discussion please see the reference listed below. PPFD (µmol m-2 s-1) to Lux Light Source Conversion Factor Sunlight 54 Cool White Fluorescent Lamps 74 Mogul Base High Pressure Sod...
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  • How the Sunlight Affects Plant Growth?

    200 – 280 nm UVC ultraviolet range which is extremely harmful to plants because it is highly toxic. 280 – 315 nm Includes harmful UVB ultraviolet light which causes plants colors to fade. 315 – 380 nm Range of UVA ultraviolet light which is neither harmful nor beneficial...
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